Why a cookbook?
For one thing, we wanted to provide those who support our cause with something they could really use or present as a gift to someone who would appreciate it. But there is more to it than that; a cookbook reflects the spirit of caring and connectedness that personifies the basis of the RCCS cause.

What inspires people to cook special dishes? Sometimes it’s a wish to mark a celebration to be shared with their family and friends. At other times, something nourishing or sweet is a demonstration of caring for someone who is feeling down or sick. In other words, the work of preparing food for others is a labor of love, and that is exactly what the work of RCCS is, as well.

Cancer does not just afflict individuals; it affects every family member and close friend of the person diagnosed with the devastating disease. But we can turn that around and use our connectedness to come up with the resources needed to achieve miracles. By doing what we can to help those who
need care the most, we are Dishing out Miracles.

The recipes in this book have been collected from many different sources and gleaned from many different cultures. Although we believe each recipe can be made with Chalav Yisrael products or Parve substitutes, we advise all readers to make sure that the ingredients listed in each recipe are acceptable to their particular minhag.

Although every recipe was previously printed in Kosher-acceptable publications, RCCS does not take responsibility for the Kashrus of any recipe; readers are advised to consult their Rabbanim should any questions arise.

Users Feedback

I got the cookbook thank u very much its really nice and thanks for the opportunity.
Chef Menach, Brooklyn, NY

Got my book yesterday! I really like it, great job!!!
Dvora Goldberg Fux, Brooklyn. NY

Hi. Just had to write and thank you for this beautiful cookbook. When I got unexpected guests for supper, I whipped up one of your desserts which was fast, beautiful AND delicious. A lifesaver
Baila Davis, Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I got the cookbook. It's really beautiful. The size, the layout and the recipes look fabulous.
Great job!
Leah Schapira, www.cookkosher.com

I received the cookbook and it looks great! Congrats on a wonderful job. It's beautiful! And recipes looks incredible.
Melinda Strauss, www.kitchen-tested.com

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