To help prevent all of this from ever being needed, RCCS has implemented Cancer Prevention Seminars in many communities.  Top specialists in their fields make the public aware of many preventive tests that should be taken.  RCCS relies on both heavy advertising and word of mouth to guarantee maximum attendance at these events.  This program alone has been instrumental in saving countless lives by early detection and treatment.  Within days of the last seminar, RCCS was gratified by the amount of people calling in to report that it was the seminar that finally pushed them into taking the necessary steps to guard their health.

Over the past several years RCCS has had over 6 health seminars in areas like Crown Heights, upper West Side, Rockland County and Flatbush, resulting in over 15 woman performing self examinations and were found to be diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

With close to 1000 attendees per location, RCCS has proven that the best prevention is early detection, and RCCS is commited to providing health seminars in many more locations in the future

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